How We Do it

How We Do It:

At Frameworks, we deliver our programs through partnerships with schools and other youth­-serving nonprofits. Our programs are evidence and research­-based curricula that are delivered in classrooms or in an after-­school setting. Our goal is to develop healthy schools and organizations that support the social and emotional development of youth. We do this by implementing our curriculum through direct service or training teachers and staff in these organizations to deliver the curriculum. We also provide training to adults and parents on social and emotional learning and provide leadership to all of our partners on the effective evaluation of our programs.

Our service models

  • Build awareness and support of the mission
  • Training for parents, youth program coordinators, and general community on social and emotional learning

  • Frameworks staff teaches curricula in the classroom
  • Partners: local schools (public and private) and other nonprofits

  • SEL overview education
  • Program-specific SEL training for educators

  • Providing ongoing coaching and support for SEL program implementation in schools and other non-profit organizations

  • Assisting schools or other nonprofits in developing a plan for SEL program evaluation
  • Data collection, analysis, and support