Okay, so… High School is GR8!!

By August 15, 2017July 23rd, 2020One Comment

Shannon Veronesi, Education Director

Often my blogging moments come directly from being a parent. This one is no different. I am the proud parent of two amazing children. My oldest just happened to start high school this year. The text I received at the end of the first day of high school was: Okay, so… High School is GR8!

Phew. What a relief on this Momma’s heart! It is no mystery that we want what is best for our children, and the first day of high school is no exception. However, this is certainly not how the day started. We went through every social and emotional competency that morning:

Self-Awareness – 5:15 am

Both of us are not morning people and we are up way too early.

Nervous tummies and super anxious.

Self-Management: 5:16 am

Not taking it out on each other that we are up way too early. A cup of coffee is needed, stat.

Social Awareness – 6:00 am

At the bus stop we see two young ladies peek over their shoulders, and say ‘something’ which may or may not have been about my child. Now, we are even more anxious because people are talking about ‘us’ and these girls are clearly not going to engage us in conversation. It is also very clear that everyone is nervous/anxious at the bus stop.

Relationship Building – 6:10 am

Child boards the bus and I immediately receive a text saying, “Why did those girls completely ignore me at the bus stop?” The only response I can muster is that we are all nervous about the first day of school and sometimes when we are that nervous it is hard to think about anything but ourselves.

Decision Making – 6:11 am

Text back is, “Good point, I will remember that throughout the day. Thanks, Mom”

And just like that, the first day of high school happened. (Insert this Momma crying tears of several combined emotions!)

It has never escaped my reality that the work that we do at Frameworks doesn’t happen in a bubble. However, I can tell you that our social and emotional skills will never cease to amaze others when we can put them to good use. It is time to embrace those moments. Capture it, hold onto it, and know that we are doing great things for ourselves, others, and our youth. Make high school GR8, every day.