Alisa Miranda

Executive Assistant

Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences with Concentrations in Social and Behavioral Health and Health Management, University of South Florida

Relevant Work Experience:

Alisa joined Frameworks after graduating from the University of South Florida and completing an internship at the Gracepoint Foundation. Her internship experience helped strengthen her nonprofit acumen by allowing her the opportunity to lead and be involved with projects concerning event planning, donor stewardship, and social media. In combination with her prior work experience in customer service, communication, and curated marketing, Alisa enjoys serving Frameworks as the Executive Assistant.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

Prevention starts in schools with teaching, training, and professional development. Frameworks supports the development of teachers and school communities by providing tools for students to better manage their emotions. Equipping students with strong social-emotional skills is at the heart of their decision making. I’m thrilled to work for an organization with such an important mission in our community.