Bachelor of Social Work, University of South Florida

Relevant Work Experience:

Educational practicum shadowing a school social worker, internship with Frameworks, multiple years of customer service experience and over 10 years of childcare experience.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

I am honored to work at Frameworks and see the great work that is being done to implement social and emotional learning for children, parents, educators, and the many systems that make up our community. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work with children in some capacity as it has always been a passion of mine. Working as a babysitter since I was 13, I began observing at a young age just how important social and emotional learning skills are for children to truly be successful throughout their life. Mental health awareness is a great importance to me, and I feel it is especially critical to begin focusing on it at a young age as a preventative measure. Frameworks continues to meet these needs of children, striving to create more equitable and just environments for students which is such a rewarding process to be a part of.