Taaylor Brown

SEL Administrator

Bachelor of Arts, Behavioral Healthcare with a concentration in Children’s Mental Health, University of South Florida

Relevant Work Experience:

Through partnerships with Hillsborough County, Taaylor has completed multiple internships across several schools throughout the district. By utilizing the time spent in a variety of roles within the school system, in addition to her most recent position as an intern at Frameworks, she is able to provide a unique prospective in the area of children’s developmental health.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

Providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can grow and thrive is my ultimate goal as an educator. Throughout my time in the classroom, I have seen instances where the lack of patience and understanding was the difference between a child receiving the necessary care one would need versus being left out in hallways until the school day is over. Here at Frameworks, the goal to build a better classroom community and to better equip students with social and emotional learning (SEL) skills is something I stand strongly behind. My hopes are that with the tools we are developing and the programs and initiatives we are implementing, we can strengthen the culture and importance of SEL in education so that the choice no longer has to be made to leave a child behind, but rather a decision tailored to that child’s needs can be set in place to better service our growing youth.