Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

 Board Chair

Jennifer Garcia, Johnson & Johnson

Immediate Past Chair

Dr. Linda Devine, The University of Tampa


Amber Fetterman, USAmeriBank


Kathy James, SunTrust


Board Members

Alison Fraga, Positive Coaching Alliance
Carolyn Bricklemyer, Retired, Hillsborough County School Board 

Daniel Taylor, Englander Fischer
Elizabeth Fowler, Triad Foundation, Inc.
Gwen Luney, Retired, Hillsborough County School District
Jenny Jones, I. C. System
John Wakefield, VW Multifamily
Joyce Burick Swarzman, Corbett Preparatory School of IDS
Julie Cole, School Source Inc.
Lisa Brock, Brock Communications
Michele Mester, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Monica Canale, Monica Canale and Co.
Paul Whiting, Jr., AGW Capital Advisors
Sheldon Busansky, Retired
Susan Peloubet, Director Emeritus
Yvonne Fry, Lines of Communication

Frameworks Staff

Amanda Page-Zwierko
Executive Director

Matt Dahl
Business Director

Shannon2Shannon Veronesi
Director of Education

SheaShea Quraishi
SEL Director

Holly Moon
Development and Marketing Coordinator

Saima CroppedSaima Qadree
Elementary School Team Lead

Caitlin Simmons
Middle School Team Lead

Sophia Peerzada
SEL Program Specialist

Amanda Page-Zwierko

Executive Director, 813-574-6924

Time at Frameworks: May 2014
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications, University of South Florida

Relevant Work Experience:

Amanda’s background includes fund development and marketing strategy for both nonprofit and for profit businesses. She enjoys being an active member of the Tampa Bay community and is a board member of the Professional Philanthropy Network, committee member of Women in Leadership and Philanthropy, and member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. She has served on the executive board of directors of the young professional’s organization affiliated with the American Advertising Federation, Ad 2 Tampa Bay and Ad 2 National. While president of the local chapter, Amanda was awarded President of the Year at both national and district levels and was the Pinstripe Service Excellence Award recipient for her dedication to education in the community and the organization. Amanda participated on the Ophelia Project’s Young Women’s Leadership Board in 2005 and was a co-founder of S.O.U.L. in Tampa, Inc., a nonprofit comprised of her YWLB peers that provided volunteer opportunities for young college women. She is also trained in leadership by Dale Carnegie Training and certified in Fund Development Leadership by Nonprofit Leadership Center, advertising ethics by the American Advertising Federation and Institute for Advertising Ethics, and is currently enrolled in the Nonprofit Management graduate program at the University of Tampa. Previously, she served as the Director of Development and Marketing for Frameworks.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

I have been passionate about this organization and its mission since my first introduction to the Ophelia Project in 2004. My time with the organization then was very meaningful to me and in 2014, I sought a rewarding opportunity to support teaching social and emotional skills to our youth. I believe strongly in teaching youth how to manage their emotions and make responsible decisions so they become successful adults in our Tampa Bay community.

Matt Dahl

Business Director, 813-574-6926

Time at Frameworks: June 2016

Relevant Work Experience:

Matt comes to Frameworks with many years of finance, administrative and operational leadership experience, as a senior financial officer with Tri-Venture Marketing, Performance Foods and SYSCO Corporation in the wholesale foodservice and brokerage industries. He was also the Director of Finance for Central FL Speech & Hearing in Lakeland, a 501(c)(3) clinic specializing in the treatment of speech and hearing disorders.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

I am thrilled to be a part of such a special organization that helps kids develop their framework for future growth by giving them the tools they need to be successful. At Frameworks, I can apply my strengths to help support the organizations mission of teaching SEL attitudes, values and skills to help kids effectively handle life’s challenges.

Shannon Veronesi

Director of Education, 813-574-6929

Time at Frameworks: April 2015
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Sociology, Western State Colorado University; Masters of Education, University of Georgia

Relevant Work Experience:

Shannon comes with a diverse background in prevention and program development in the nonprofit sector. She has worked with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, and has created several positive youth development programs including within the chronic disease and disorder communities.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

I would not be the person I am today if I had not found organizations like Frameworks and aligned myself with the right people. It is no mystery that my entire career has centered around how I can help promote and provide the best resources for the youth in my community. Frameworks is a natural fit to both my personal and professional goals, and I truly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become awesome, happy, healthy and productive individuals. Frameworks helps provide that opportunity for the youth in the Tampa Bay community.

Shea Quraishi

SEL Director, 813-574-9555 ext. 107

Time at Frameworks: July 2017
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Journalism, New York University; Master of Arts, Education, Stanford University

Relevant Work Experience:

Shea joins Framework with experience teaching elementary grades in four states: New York, California, Tennessee, and Florida. Certified to teach grades K-12, she also has served as a teacher mentor and curriculum writer, as well as having extensive experience leading professional development on topics ranging from classroom management strategies to guided reading. A lifelong learner, Shea currently is pursuing her doctorate in education leadership and policy at Florida State University, focusing her dissertation research on teachers’ perceptions of social and emotional learning program implementation.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

Every child deserves to succeed. In today’s assessment-driven culture, we often forget that there are non-academic elements that significantly impact students’ ability to thrive – and that’s where Frameworks enters the picture. When I began teaching, I had a degree in psychology with a focus on child development, but little idea of how that applied to the classroom. Only through a great deal of study – and even more trial and error – did I realize that teaching children how to successfully manage their emotions and how to forge successful relationships could be systematic, purposeful, and driven by research. After seeing the payoff for my students, I never looked back. Now, I want to make this process more straightforward for teachers and to provide models of integrating SEL throughout the curriculum so that it becomes a lens through which we see everything else. At a broader scale, I look forward to helping Frameworks continue leading the way in bridging the gap between research and practice.

Holly Moon

Development and Marketing Coordinator, 813-574-6913

Time at Frameworks: February 2017
Education: Bachelor of Science, Marketing, University of South Florida; Bachelor of Arts, International Studies, University of South Florida

Relevant Work Experience:

After finishing up two marketing internships in the summer of 2015, Holly spent her final year of college overseeing the planning of an educational community engagement event for the benefit of local non-profit, Big Cat Rescue in conjunction with the USF Chapter of the American Marketing Association. After graduation, Holly took a job teaching math at IB MYP Candidate School, Pine View Middle School in Land O’ Lakes.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

I found my passion for non-profit marketing and development during my internship at Frameworks in 2015. When this position became available, I simply could not say no! I believe in the mission that Frameworks has developed and that belief was only strengthened after my experience in the classroom. Saying goodbye to my students was hard, but I have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of thousands of more students than I did before and also to use the skills and knowledge I acquired throughout my collegiate experience.

Saima Qadree

Elementary School Team Lead, 813-574-6929

Time at Frameworks: October 2016
Education: Bachelors of Science, Biomedical Sciences and Public Health, University of South Florida

Relevant Work Experience:

Saima joins the Frameworks family with over a decade of experience working with at-risk youth and populations in the Tampa Bay area. Previously with the Tampa YMCA, she worked in an elementary school setting managing initiatives and grants focused on the reduction and prevention of childhood obesity, literacy support, volunteer engagement, and community leadership development, among others.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

Very early in life, I determined that my goal in life was simple: to help others. With my educational background in biomedical sciences and public health, I anticipated becoming a physician, but had a coincidental introduction to non-profit work which helped me explore another way of developing others, young and old. Fast forward ten years, and that love of making a positive difference guided me to Frameworks. I look at social emotional well-being as a critical part of overall health so an organization that blends my education background with my non-profit work passion was a natural choice. I look forward to supporting the quality driven expansion of our programming into other elementary schools in the Tampa Bay area!

Caitlin Simmons

Middle School Team Lead, 813-574-6918

Time at Frameworks: July 2014
Education: Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, University of Central Florida; Master of Arts, Applied Learning and Instruction, University of Central Florida

Relevant Work Experience:

Caitlin taught 5th grade in Seminole County Public Schools. She left the classroom to pursue her graduate degree and during her time in graduate school taught courses in Developmental Psychology at the University of Central Florida. Prior to coming to Frameworks, she worked at Vanderbilt University where she conducted educational research.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

During my time teaching I realized that as hard as I worked to help my students learn and succeed academically there was another major component to success that was being overlooked- Social and Emotional learning. Tools such as decision making, problem solving, self-image, and self-management are so important to success in the world. I am so excited to work at Frameworks and have the chance to work with teachers, administrators, parents, and students to help build an arsenal of tools that our youth need to navigate the world.

Sophia Peerzada

SEL Program Specialist, 813-514-9555 xt. 114

Time at Frameworks: June 2016
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of South Florida; Bachelor of Science, Behavioral Healthcare, University of South Florida

Relevant Work Experience:

Sophia worked as project coordinator for a social media-based group whose focus was to de-stigmatize depression and other mental illnesses, as well as provide support to struggling individuals. During her time as an undergraduate student, she conducted research in child and adolescent social development and produced a literature review entitled “Adolescent Self-Esteem: Comparing Christianity, Minority Religions and Atheism in the United States.” Sophia also spent Spring 2016 working as an intern for Frameworks’ education department.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

Growing up, I developed a strong affinity for academics and established tight bonds with many of my teachers. Even as a student, I would pay close attention to the dynamics of every classroom I was in. This habit of mine grew into a desire to study human behavior as a whole, which led me to pursue psychology and behavioral healthcare in college. My favorite courses seemed to share a common theme: the study of child and adolescent development. Thus, when it came time to choose a place to pursue an internship, I was immediately intrigued by Frameworks. During my time as an intern, I discovered that I finally had the opportunity to combine my two passions (education and psychology). I loved that I was able to work with students and teachers to help promote SEL Skills within the exact school district that I grew up in. I am so grateful that I now get to continue doing this unique work as a staff member at Frameworks!