Who We Are

Equipping Students with Emotional Intelligence Skills

Frameworks of Tampa Bay is a nonprofit organization that empowers educators, youth services professionals, and parents and guardians through training, coaching, and research-based resources to equip youth with emotional intelligence skills.

Social and emotional skills include:

Social awareness (Empathy)
Relationship skills
A Framework For Success

Emotional Intelligence

Together, these skills form emotional intelligence—EQ, as opposed to IQ.

When we proactively help children build these skills, they have a toolbox to pull from when they face challenges big and small. This, in turn, promotes their personal, academic, and one day professional success.

Building Self-Awareness

As the local expert in emotional intelligence in youth, Frameworks supports our students in their journey to building self-awareness. Frameworks’ Head & Heart Luncheon 2022 video showcases and follows students from preschool through high school at four of Frameworks’ partner schools:  West Tampa Elementary, Citrus Park Elementary, Academy Prep of Tampa and Cristo Rey Salesian High School. Students shared their progress developing “self-awareness,” the first building block in building emotional intelligence – that essential ability that will provide a child with the opportunity to reach their full potential.