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SEL Resources for Educators

Educators are key in making social and emotional learning (SEL) successful. The more teachers, administrators, and support staff are intentional in integrating SEL practices throughout the school day, the more growth students will experience.

The resources below are a starting point. They include information on everything from why SEL starts with us as the adults (did you know that most teachers do not get SEL training in their preservice programs?) to printable resources to use with students.


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Check out our educator podcast, “SELementary,” which covers topics like teacher wellness, setting classroom expectations through an SEL lens, and maintaining relationships with students virtually.


Resource Library

Why SEL Starts with the Adults

Talking with Children about Racism

Staying Connected during COVID-19 – Tips for Adults

My Maintenance Self-Care Worksheet

Self-Care Inventory

Helping Children Navigate Grief

Building Emotional Vocabulary

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT)

Talking with Students about Racial Injustice

Compliments Process

Conversation Cards

Calming Strategies for Children

Strengthening Adult SEL

10 SEL Teaching Practices

Mood Meter

A Nation at Hope