Research & Evidence

Research & Evidence: Social and Emotional Skills

There is a vast body of research supporting the impact of social and emotional skills. Benefits include:

21st Century Skills

Frameworks is dedicated to its pursuit to make the world a more empathetic and kind place through its work with teachers, mentors, parents, and children of all ages and all demographics. Generous support from our donors, funders, and fundraising efforts provides the tools and resources necessary to offer high quality professional development, consistent coaching and resources, and thorough research and data analysis, allowing Frameworks to continue expanding its reach as we cultivate emotional intelligence (EQ).

Adults who build and incorporate solid EQ skills are stronger performers with higher earning potential than their peers,³ and in recent surveys across industries, employers ranked social and emotional skills like teamwork and problem solving as more of a priority than analytical or quantitative skills.4

Economically, for every $1 invested in social and emotional skills, society receives back an average return on investment (ROI) of $11.5