Community Building Sessions

Develop a Positive Community

Community Building Sessions™ (CBS) is a foundational social and emotional skills program designed by Frameworks of Tampa Bay to develop a positive community where students have a sense of belonging and feel like significant members of the group.

CBS teaches and reinforces crucial relationship-building and social skills, such as cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.

CBS is a highly adaptable program that can be facilitated any time of day and should be implemented at least twice per week for 15-20 minutes per session. Sessions can be held in person or virtually.

Educators receive CBS program manuals upon completion of the CBS professional development workshop.

Each session consists of the following core components:
  • Breathing to practice mindfulness, allowing students to become present, calm, and ready to learn
  • Greeting to build and practice social skills while providing a sense of belonging and connection
  • Compliments & Appreciations to practice kindness and build empathy
  • Group Activity to build relationships and community
  • News to provide announcements/reminders and give students an opportunity to share information
  • Transition Breathing to provide a smooth transition into the next part of the day

Each component looks different with each new session (for example, teachers select a different greeting activity from one session to the next). However, the overall order of components remains the same, giving students a safe, reliable structure to count on with each CBS and making this an ideal program to be student-led.

See Community Building Sessions™ in action:

CBS helped me learn to calm down

– 5th Grade Student

Certain words can escalate a situation, and it's important to breathe and get through it!

- 5th Grade Student

What I like about CBS is that it keeps me calm; everyone is fighting their own battles.

– 6th Grade Student

Frameworks teaches me not to do bad things and what to do if bad things happen.

– 6th Grade Student

Although sometimes it can be awkward, it’s good to get things off of your chest during CBS.

– 6th Grade Student

I think CBS is a better way to learn about self-esteem because our teachers let us teach sometimes!

– 7th Grade Student

CBS helps me bond with my classmates

– 7th Grade Student

CBS has taught me that I have a voice! At first, I was shy and didn't participate, but now I am more confident.

– 8th Grade Student

CBS is beneficial for my classmates and me. We learn how to talk things through and grow together.

– 8th Grade Student

This whole program is amazing because [from] when we start to finish, it really helps the kids welcome in the day.

– 3rd Grade Teacher

Having yourself acknowledged every single day by your teacher or by your peers is really wonderful, and kids have big smiles.

– Frameworks Coach

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