Parent Resources

Parent Resources

As parents, we all want the best for our children. Nurturing the whole child through social and emotional learning (SEL) is crucial for their success personally, academically, and one day professionally. Frameworks is here to offer support and research-based resources like the ones below.

“SELementary” Podcast

This podcast focuses on all things social and emotional learning (SEL) for parents and educators. Gain research-based tips and tools for embedding and applying SEL all day, every day, and hear valuable perspectives from the field.

SEL Strong: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Support for a Strong Transition Back to School

These interactive virtual workshops aim to enhance the social and emotional skills that your child needs in order to return to school strong and resilient after COVID-19. Parents also will receive strategies and resources for at-home support!

Resource Library

Talking with Children about Social Media

Helping Children Navigate Grief

Building Emotional Vocabulary

Calming Strategies for Children

A Nation at Hope

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Children’s SEL Book List

Book Recommendations for Adults

Conversation Cards

Strategies for Coping with Uncomfortable Emotions

Raising Caring, Confident, Capable Children

SEL Wheel

How to Talk with Your Kids About Bullying

Online Safety Resources for Parents

Door Openers and Slammers

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