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Data Collection & Program Evaluation

Frameworks is committed to ongoing data collection and program evaluation, using both qualitative and quantitative data to inform programming decisions. All programming is informed by the latest national research on social and emotional skills.

Frameworks works with school partners to collect data at the classroom, school-wide, and district-wide levels, giving voice to all stakeholders involved: students, educators, administrators, youth-serving professionals, parents/guardians, and the broader community. All organizations that partner with Frameworks—including but not limited to schools, mentoring organizations, youth-serving organizations, and Teens In Action service site organizations—receive data reports with information about progress on key indicators, as well as suggested next steps.

We’ve seen it just in one year. We’ve seen children who weren’t able to express themselves and handle conflict as easily, to by the end of the school year they were helping others be able to problem-solve better.


Once you have that sense of culture and family in your classroom, it makes everything run so much smoother.

Elementary School Teacher

In order to get great performance of students, you have to build relationships. You have to develop a ‘want to’ for kids, and EQ really is the ‘want to’ factor…Now you have students that are just thriving like never before, and they will take that on to their middle school, they’ll take that on to their high school.

District Superintendent

I had a student write me a thank you note for teaching ‘important skills.’ It really was touching.

Middle School Teacher

I learned today that we are all working on our emotional development even as adults and incorporating these strategies/tools that were mentioned will be one of the best things we will do for ourselves and children as well.

Parent Workshop Participant

The rapport of the class improved greatly. It’s like everyone trusted each other, so they behaved better.

Middle School Teacher

We are very excited about the huge growth in social-emotional skills in our students and the drop in behavior incidents. Anecdotally, the culture and feeling of our classrooms are drastically different compared to last year and even the beginning of this year.


Key Takeaways From 2020 Beginning-of-Year Reports Across Schools:

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