Teacher Coaching

Ongoing Coaching Support

We’ve all attended a training and left feeling excited and motivated to apply it to our work, only to find that life got in the way.

That’s why Frameworks offers ongoing coaching support to help teachers apply social and emotional skills on an everyday basis. Our expert coaches work with teachers on a voluntary basis to offer non-evaluative support and resources.

See our coaching in action:

Coaching Includes:
  • One-on-one goal-setting and feedback cycles
  • Modeling, observing, planning support, co-teaching, and/or learning walks
  • Support with integration of general social and emotional practices
  • Support with implementation of social and emotional skills curricula

While we do support teachers in implementing specific social and emotional skills curricula, our primary focus is on helping educators integrate social and emotional practices into everything that they do, whether they are teaching a math lesson or holding a class meeting.

The following teaching practices drive our goal-setting and coaching with teachers:

Interested in teacher coaching?