District & Principal Consultation

Create a Measurable Impact

Frameworks offers school and district consultation to support administrators with integrating social and emotional skills in a way that is asset-based and that has a measurable impact.

As an administrator, you have many stakeholders to keep in mind, including students, teachers, staff, parents/families, school/district leadership, and the broader community. We will work with you to help you navigate this as you make social and emotional skills part of your formal planning and practices.

Planning May Include:
⦁ Guidance with the creation of vision and goals for social and emotional skills
⦁ Identification of social and emotional skills-related strengths and areas for growth
⦁ Identification of best-fit social and emotional skills curriculum/programming
⦁ Planning for targeted professional development
⦁ Planning for technical assistance and ongoing support
⦁ Development of short-term and long-term social and emotional skills goals
⦁ Creation and steering of social and emotional skills committee(s)

Partner With Us

Every partnership begins with a conversation where we discuss your school or district’s context and goals. Our team then will work alongside you to make a comprehensive plan that includes professional development, ongoing coaching support, data collection/evaluation, and parent outreach.

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