District & Principal Consultation

Create a Measurable Impact

Frameworks offers school and district consultation to support administrators with integrating social and emotional learning (SEL) in a way that is asset-based and that has a measurable impact.

As an administrator, you have many stakeholders to keep in mind, including students, teachers, staff, parents/families, school/district leadership, and the broader community. We will work with you to help you navigate this as you make SEL part of your formal planning and practices.

Planning May Include:
⦁ Guidance with the creation of SEL vision and goals
⦁ Identification of SEL-related strengths and areas for growth
⦁ Identification of best-fit SEL curriculum/programming
⦁ Planning for targeted professional development
⦁ Planning for technical assistance and ongoing support
⦁ Development of short-term and long-term SEL goals
⦁ Creation and steering of SEL committee(s)

Partner With Us

Every partnership begins with a conversation where we discuss your school or district’s context and goals. Our team then will work alongside you to make a comprehensive plan that includes professional development, ongoing coaching support, data collection/evaluation, and parent outreach.

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