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Purposeful Teaching & Modeling

Social and emotional learning (SEL) starts with the adults through the purposeful teaching and modeling of social and emotional skills. This proactive work is crucial to our children’s mental health and well-being, as well as to their academic success.

Some aspects of SEL require practice and new ways of thinking. Frameworks is always here to offer support, expertise, and tools.


Use SEL to build a positive climate and culture and boost academic growth.

Parents & Guardians

Help your child develop foundational skills for personal, academic, and professional success.

SEL - It's Not About the Solar System | TEDx Westshore

Listen to social and emotional learning (SEL) professional Kaitlin Kizer as she discusses how SEL impacts success in our schools and beyond, and has positive impacts on educators and students.

SEL skill building as an educator fosters growth in all students to better help them achieve success in school and within their communities. While we cannot prevent our students from facing challenges, we can give them the tools they need to navigate those challenges more effectively.