Data & Evaluation

Informed Decision-Making

Every school and organization that partners with Frameworks engages with us in data collection and program evaluation to inform decision-making.

Measuring Impact

Our goal is to serve children, and that means helping organizations achieve, measure, and share their success.

Measuring the impact of social and emotional skills can take many forms. We will work with you to determine the goals of your programming and to plan and execute measurement tools that align with those goals.

Most commonly, our partners choose a robust combination of causational data, such as teacher and student reports on social and emotional growth, along with correlational data that suggests an overall improvement in climate and culture, such as attendance records, suspension data, and academic achievement scores. We also value qualitative data, such as interviews with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and/or other key stakeholders.

After planning with leadership, we support staff in making the data-gathering process simple and user-friendly, as well as in interpreting the results.

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