Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

We are a not­-for-­profit organization whose mission is to empower educators and other youth services professionals with training, coaching and research-based resources to equip students with social and emotional skills. How is this accomplished? Through social and emotional learning. We teach a core set of social and emotional attitudes, values, and skills that help children, teens, and adults more effectively handle life challenges to succeed in academic, social, and professional environments. In short, we teach youth and adults to manage their emotions so that those emotions do not manage them.

Building a framework of success for youth

In today’s rapidly changing world, there are many challenges that impact our ability to act appropriately in any personal or professional situation. If we strip down the facts, evidence, and research, we’ll see that the root of the problem exists in the lack of one basic skill – our ability to manage our emotions. Why is this skill so important? Because our emotions control every single decision we make, and our decisions frame who we are.

IQ is no longer enough

Growing research shows that without strong social and emotional intelligence (SEL), we are not equipped with all the tools and skills we each need to succeed in life. Although success is measured differently for youth and adults, research shows that:
  • Youth who receive SEL education experience less emotional stress, fewer conduct problems, have higher test scores and grades, and more pro­-social behaviors than youth who do not receive SEL education. (Peyton, et al., 2008).
  • Adults who develop high emotional intelligence are better leaders and performers; they experience more personal and professional success than those with low emotional intelligence. In all areas, emotional intelligence is twice as important as IQ in getting to where you want to go in life! (Bradberry, 2009)
At Frameworks, we offer social and emotional learning programs and workshops to frame youth, adults, and leaders for academic, workplace, and life success!

Top 3 reasons our mission/organization is important

1. We provide the missing piece of the puzzle.

2. We improve the odds that youth and adults will be successful in life.

3. IQ is no longer enough.

Our SEL educational programs are just as important as academic learning

We want people to believe that our work and mission is just as important as sending their children to school to prepare them to be successful in life. Extensive research on the topic of social and emotional learning concludes that emotional intelligence matters twice as much as technical and analytical skills and that the higher people move up in an organization, the more crucial emotional intelligence becomes.

We are teaching youth and adults to manage their emotions so that those emotions do not manage them on a daily basis.

All humans have emotions that are generated inside the human brain and, consciously or unconsciously, drive the choices of behaviors we see people make every day. We teach youth and adults the skills and tools they need to manage their emotions to ensure they choose healthy, safe, and positive behaviors every day. Positive youth development from the inside out! Workplaces, home environments, relationships, schools, communities, and organizations would all be safer, healthier, and more positive places to be as well!

We are helping to prepare youth for the 21st-century workplace.

In the 21st century youth and adults need to have strong social skills and emotional intelligence as the avenue to work well and get along with diverse groups of people, whether the rapid rate of change, manage emotions under stress, remain physically and emotionally healthy, and make responsible, ethical, and moral decisions to positively impact a company’s bottom line and sustainability.