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SELementary Podcast

In this podcast, we broadcast social and emotional topics for educators, youth services professionals, and parents/guardians such as Building Relationships with Students, Expectations in the Classroom, and Responsibility and Choice in the Classroom. You can click here to listen to previous episodes. 

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources During COVID-19

As our community adapts to changes influenced by the COVID-19 outbreak, Frameworks of Tampa Bay is dedicated to helping our students, our teachers, and parents manage the many emotions experienced through the lens of SEL. Our SEL Community Newsletters detail tips and strategies to provide support through this “new normal.”
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SEL strategies are at the core of navigating the environment around us, especially during difficult situations within our community and across the world. Below is a compiled list of free activities and resources for students, families, and educators as they navigate the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

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At Frameworks, We Build Emotional Intelligence.

Have you ever asked yourself the simple question – how well do I manage my emotions on a daily basis? In today’s rapidly changing world there are many challenges that impact our ability to act appropriately in personal or professional situations. We would like to think that we handle these obstacles well all the time, but how well we really do is a different story. How important is developing social and emotional skills of our children? It is critical and it is our priority. We can't prevent our kids from facing challenges. What we can do is proactively build the tools needed to face these challenges in productive ways. Whether it's having the self-management to persevere through a tough math problem, the social awareness to empathize with another person, or the relationship skills to navigate an uncomfortable situation, our kids benefit when we invest in building their emotional intelligence.
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Empowering Educators is Key.

We train and coach educators--including teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors--to make Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) a part of everything they do. That means not only teaching explicit lessons from research-based curricula, but also making SEL a core part of the climate and culture, when educators have the tools to prioritize SEL, everyone wins.

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