Ana Harrington

Education Programs Specialist

Bachelors in English Literature with a Secondary Education minor,  and Masters in Arts & Teaching from James Madison University.

Relevant Work Experience:
Ana has worked in a myriad of educational settings; from boarding schools to learning and development roles in corporate America.  Her truest love came in the form of teaching English and Film Analysis to high school students. While teaching these students she realized English and Film became a medium in which to teach them emotional intelligence through, and thus began her passion. She has worked with numerous students to increase their resilience, self-awareness and emotional regulation, most recently with at-risk students from low-income areas. In addition to teaching, she has acted as a supervisor and coach to master’s students receiving their teaching license and written scripts for professional development companies that model empathy training in the workplace.

Why You Work at Frameworks:
I believe there are no skills more important than those gained through enhancing one’s emotional intelligence. I loved teaching students this firsthand but wanted to make a difference on a larger scale. Framework’s mission allows me to reach more students, by reaching those who are with them daily. If I can positively impact one person, and they can in turn positively impact one student, then step by step we make the difference. If we can equip our kids with the ability to self-reflect, be empathetic and communicate effectively, then we will leave the world a better place than we found it.