Elizabeth A. Reedy

Chief Executive Officer
Relevant Work Experience:

Elizabeth joined Frameworks as Chief Executive Officer after a dedicated career of over 20 years advocating for and developing systems to enhance the quality of early education in Massachusetts. She previously served as the Vice President of Workforce and Professional Development at Child Development and Education Inc.  She was responsible for the management of multi-million-dollar state contracts/grants to provide early learning workforce innovation and competency development to ensure the highest quality opportunities were available to our youngest children. Research shows that a child’s experiences between ages zero and five have an enormous impact on their opportunity to thrive for the rest of their life, and Elizabeth has worked tirelessly to support the enhancements of those experiences.

A native of southwest Florida, Elizabeth moved to the Tampa area once learning of the impending arrive of her first grandchild.  Joining Frameworks in January 2019, Elizabeth continues her career working on behalf of youth, educators, and families in collaboration with community stakeholders and businesses.  She values and supports the growing evidence-based understanding that to be successful in school, a child must have a solid foundation of emotional intelligence (EQ) so they can  understand and perceive their own and other’s emotions, empathize under challenging situations, interact with others, and control their emotional impulses.  These are skills that will give children the chance to reach their full potential academically, personally and one day, professionally.

In her role as CEO, Elizabeth, and the Frameworks team, are building upon national momentum, working strategically and systematically with districts, school leaders, youth supporting community partners, mentors, and families to drive change and enrich the climate of collaboration on behalf of our youth.

Now having three young grandchildren growing up in today’s world, Elizabeth is even more passionate in pursuit of  a world where every child enjoys going to school, makes friends easily and graduates on time., where bullying doesn’t exist, obstacles are seen as opportunities, and everyone treats each other with kindness and respect.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

Frameworks is fiercely committed to delivering high-quality, comprehensive social and emotional learning supports to the community. The opportunities that lie ahead for this organization are many, and the ability to lead this next chapter is deeply humbling and incredibly exhilarating. I am focused on accelerating the innovation and execution that students, educators, parents, businesses, and community organizations need from us. I could not be more confident in our ability to succeed and make vast differences in the culture of communities, nor more honored to lead this great organization. Through Frameworks, we will work to ensure the children in our community develop the skills for optimal learning and that our educators/teachers are provided the professional development, ongoing coaching and resources necessary to embed social, emotional and cognitive skills into academic learning. Evidence shows that students in these learning settings are more likely to achieve success both now and in their future. And isn’t that what we all want for our kids?