Jordan Sims

Community Programs Specialist

Bachelors of Science, Family and Child Sciences, Florida State University; Master of Social Work, University of South Florida 

Relevant Work Experience:

Jordan joined Frameworks with over five years progressive experience serving youth and families of diverse backgrounds with a focus on emotional and mental health. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with various state and community agencies such as the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Children and Families, and Gracepoint. Jordan’s caseloads included youth with emotional and behavioral disorders, individuals with traumatic experiences, at-risk and foster youth, and families in crisis. She has experience providing small group psychoeducation sessions to youth and coworkers on topics such as trauma-informed care, social skills, self-awareness, and coping skill development. Her education and counseling background along with her expertise in child development and family dynamics brings a unique perspective to her work at Frameworks.  

Why You Work at Frameworks:

I have a strong passion for empowering children and their support systems to improve their lives through mental health advancements. I have long noticed the mental health needs and disparities among children in my professional and volunteer experience and have dedicated myself to learning, advocating, and advancing children’s mental health. Social and emotional learning has always been at the heart of this work. It is the most effective avenue to ensure positive outcomes early on so that children can be readily equipped to deal with life’s challenges in a healthy way. Frameworks does this work incredibly through the provisions of superior social and emotional learning resources and trainings to support educators, youth service providers, families, and children in developing these necessary skills. I am honored to be a part of the impactful work this organization is accomplishing to empower children and their support systems to live healthier social and emotional lives.