Lourdes Plunkett

Research and Data Manager

Bachelor of Arts, French, University of South Florida; Master of Elementary Education, University of South Florida; Master of Educational Leadership, University of South Florida; Fluent in English, Spanish and French

Relevant Work Experience:

Lourdes is a life-long learner. As her professional path in languages moved along, she discovered her passion for teaching young children. She founded the Centro de Idiomas Ernest Hemingway in Lima, Peru (CIEH). CIEH offered English and Spanish courses to adults and children as well as an innovative early learning program delivered in English for children ages 2 to 4. Lourdes designed the curriculum and implementation of courses based on adult learning research and best practices for pre-school age children. Her path to the understanding of human development was cemented by the approach learned at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Wyndmoor, PA. Lourdes lived in Lima, Peru and Paris, France, and has lived in the Tampa Bay area for about 25 years. She has taught multiple grade levels and facilitated coaching cycles as a Student Achievement Coach for Pasco County Schools, served as a curriculum trainer for a non-profit organization across Jamaica for two summers, and served as the Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability for the Head Start Program in Hillsborough County Public Schools. Her role as a Coordinator involved managing and overseeing the services offered to underserved families, monitoring program quality assurance, developing and implementing systems to increase teacher effectiveness, offering coaching support based on tiers, and developing curriculum resources as well as managing digital platforms for learning and assessments. Lourdes was also selected as a participant for the University of California (UCLA) Head Start Management Fellows Program. Lourdes is an example of servant leadership through her work with children, families, and her community.

Why You Work at Frameworks:

My early experiences in teaching evolved around the development of academic readiness skills. As I formed relationships with my students and families, I realized that my understanding of others, my empathy, my social-awareness, and my wish for social justice embraced all aspects of my work. I sought out knowledge and actively developed new skills to make it the foundation of my career as an educator. I believe all children can learn if the new knowledge given is relevant, clear and delivered with love. I am honored and proud to serve as a Project Manager for Frameworks of Tampa Bay.  I look forward to continuing my journey with Frameworks, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the youth and adults through social emotional learning.