Melissa Hartnett

Education Programs Specialist

Bachelor of Arts, English; Teacher Ready Professional Teaching Certification, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

Relevant Work Experience:
Melissa has worked as a teacher for over 10 years in both public and private schools. She has taught students ranging in age from early childhood to 5th grade in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Through teaching students of different ages and backgrounds she learned firsthand how important emotional intelligence was to their success, and she found it critical for community building during remote learning. She is also a military spouse and mom of 3 kids who she has supported each time they had to adapt and build relationships in a new location.

Why You Work at Frameworks:
As a teacher I’ve always known that emotional intelligence is important. Teaching through the pandemic and seeing the effects of remote learning on students has only strengthened my passion for implementing these valuable skills. Frameworks allows me the opportunity to work with children, parents and educators to build social and emotional skills that will help them develop successful, productive relationships moving forward.