Building a Framework for Youth Success: Empowering Confidence

By October 26, 2016No Comments


There are five core competencies under social and emotional learning, one of them being self-awareness. Through our programs we teach our students to identify and recognize emotions, to recognize personal interests and strengths, and to maintain a well-grounded sense of self-confidence.

Confidence is one of the major skills Zion learned through our program.

Zion Crewe-White, a 6th grader at Walker Middle Magnet School, recently spoke at the 2016 Head and Heart Awards Luncheon. He was transparent about the struggles in his life and how learning about social and emotional competencies has helped him to cope. Zion is now able to understand, process, manage, and overcome a number of obstacles. He spoke candidly about the ubiquitous abuse of drugs and alcohol in his community. He expressed his deep desire to convey the grave dangers of these substances to his peers, but recognized that this is one problem that is out of his control. Zion’s experience illustrates that if one can identify his or her emotions and learn how to manage them, a sense of empowerment is sure to follow. He credits SEL for giving him the confidence to speak at the luncheon and the courage to testify in court, where he will bravely serve as the witness to his mother’s murder. Zion’s understanding of himself has led him to become a leader and role model.

“SEL has benefited me a lot. It helps me make better decisions and helps me improve my self-image. What I mean by this is that I can make the right choices and do the right things so my friends can follow my example.”

Join our movement today to Build a Framework for #YouthSuccess that will empower confidence in kids like Zion.