Don’t Forget to Celebrate!

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Shannon Veronesi, Director of Education

Celebration. Yes, it is a very important part of social and emotional learning.

At Frameworks, we are preparing for the largest celebration that we hold each year, the Head & Heart Awards Luncheon. The luncheon is a time to reflect and recognize the social and emotional successes in our community. We celebrate how far we have come, and what is next. It is also a time for realization and just how many dedicated, outside-the-box thinkers it takes to hit the benchmarks that we have set for our community.

You see, celebrations puts things into perspective. It is easy to get lost and wrapped up in the day-to-day activities, and we forget to celebrate our successes. But, when you put them all together we quickly see that a one-hour luncheon just doesn’t seem like enough time!

No matter how large or small, these are the type of success we love to celebrate:

• The student that felt safe and secure enough to share a very personal story with her classmates, only to receive support and kind words in return
• The teacher that saw a student use a calming down tactic in place of the anger that had been there in the past
• The school that implemented a school-wide social and emotional strategy and have had 100% compliance
• A young person accepted to Yale University, and attributes some of that success to being involved with our Teens in Action program
• The principal who sees that social and emotional learning is more than just a 30 minute lesson and deserves a full semester of time
• The PE teachers that have fully embraced LifeSkills® Training and don’t understand why they haven’t been doing this the entire time
• And, of course the passionate and dedicated staff at Frameworks that have spent countless hours making sure that all of this could happen+
Celebration is essential. Not to mention, it is just plain good for the head and the heart. What are some ways that you celebrate?

Put your HEART, MIND and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. – Swami Sivananda