Practice What We Teach…

By May 23, 2017May 25th, 2017No Comments

Matt Dahl, Business Director

We have all heard the quote, “practice what you preach”. Well, I have put a little Frameworks spin on that old phrase, but the message remains the same.

Too many times to count, I can recall having a busy or particularly frustrating day. I’m sure you’re all thinking, me too. The meetings, phone calls, and e-mails can pile up on us and at times can be over whelming. We find ourselves sometimes rushing a decision or firing off an e-mail response without thinking it through clearly. Often we catch our own short comings down the road and wonder, what was I thinking.

Frameworks teaches social & emotional learning as we all know. Being aware of others feelings and treating them as we would prefer to be treated. Here is an opportunity we all have, probably more often then we’d like, when we are feeling the pressures of the day.

Stop. Take a breath. Get up and take a short walk. Go get a cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer). Go visit a co-worker for a brief chat. Just take a few minutes to clear your head. When you return to your desk, hopefully you will have relaxed a bit and your mind will be better prepared to respond to the day’s issues.


“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer”.

-William S. Burroughs