Teens In Action Update

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Sophia Peerzada, SEL Program Specialist

On the morning of August 5th, our eighth Teens In Action (TIA) class hopped aboard a bus headed to Dayspring Episcopal Conference Center; the location of our annual TIA Boot Camp. As per usual, the group was comprised of both returning TIA participants and brand new teens—all of whom were palpably excited for all that the weekend had in store.

Upon arrival, our first order of business was to have all of our participants partake in ropes-course activities facilitated by the wonderful Common Ground Adventures group. The teens loved all the challenging, team-building activities associated with the course and I, along with fellow Frameworks staff, loved watching them from the safety of the ground.

Social and Emotional Learning Training

After everyone was set up in their respective dorms and got a chance to freshen up, we reconvened in our (thankfully indoor) pavilion to begin our orientation on social and emotional learning (SEL). As a facilitator, it was amazing to watch as our TIA Leaders took charge in every activity whilst also encouraging other participants to speak up and get involved.
We spent the rest of the weekend delving deep into each of the SEL competencies and exploring topics ranging from effective communication to the concept of privilege. It was so great to see all of the participants step out of their comfort zones in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and those around them.

Boot Camp in Summary

Overall, the weekend was filled with countless highlights all made possible by the combination of the hard work of Frameworks’ staff and the high level of engagement demonstrated by the amazing group of teens selected to participate in TIA this year. I walked away from the experience feeling so honored to know that I will be working with this group for the remainder of the school year. I look forward to our monthly workshops, during which we will discuss pertinent topics through an ever-strengthening SEL lens. I also look forward to seeing how each participant applies their SEL knowledge to their work at their chosen service site!