Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Success Story

By April 25, 2017No Comments

Zakiyyah Aquil, Organizational Project Coordinator

Tutorial. For every person who has ever wondered how other people become successful, it is not because they are lucky. It is because they take conscious steps to create their own success story.

Step # 1. Identify the story you tell yourself.

Step # 2. Determine outside influences and contributing factors.

Step # 3. Evaluate. Eliminate. Make the decision to do things differently.

Step # 4. Realize that you are the author of your story and rewrite your path.

Step # 5. Form healthy habits. Make it a habit to spend time with positive and progressive people.

Step # 6. Trust yourself. Understand that you alone are responsible for your happiness.

Step # 7. When questions arise, ask yourself and know that the answers will come to you.


Know that self-awareness and self-regulation are the building blocks of personal success. They are the guiding principles in life and the answer to creating your greatest journey and the happiest ending. Master self, change your story.



Zakiyyah Aquil